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Coyotes Hit by Car

The week of January 11, 2016 WCSV received two coyotes within days of each other. Both mammals had been hit by a car. This unfortunately is a common occurrence for coyotes in this area as they take long daily treks through vast urban landscapes which include an extensive grid of roadways.

The first coyote admitted to WCSV was a young male who had been hit by a car in Pacifica. After being picked up, he was quickly transported to the Peninsula Humane Society’s (PHS) Wildlife Center where he was examined by Dr. Tom Duane DVM, Director of Animal Care at California Wildlife Center and Patrick Hogan, Hospital Manager of PHS Wildlife Center. X-rays were taken and found no signs of fractures. The coyote was then brought to WCSV where pain medication was administered. WCSV set him up in a secure area and over the next 10 days was monitored for signs of head trauma, ability to walk and eat. After being re-evaluated the coyote was moved into the outdoor enclosure for the final stage of its rehabilitation. On January 27, 2016 the coyote was released back into the Pacifica area.

On January 13, 2016 the second coyote admitted to WCSV was an adult female that had been hit by a car in Santa Cruz. Police responded to the call and it was transported to Native Animal Rescue where she was held overnight. Wildlife Emergency Services transported her the next morning to WCSV for treatment. X-rays showed no signs of fractures, but some swelling around the wrist area and superficial abrasions on her legs and lip. She was treated with pain medication and put in a secure area to continue monitoring before going into the outdoor enclosure. On February 2, 2016 the coyote was released back into the Santa Cruz area.

These animals would have not gotten the care they needed if it weren’t for the amazing team effort of our local wildlife rescue organizations.

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