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Six Coyotes Released after Six Months

Photo by Sharon Clay

Photo by Sharon Clay

Photo by Ashley Kinney

The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley  released six coyotes at Los Vaqueros Watershed on October 8, 2012. The animals were ready to rejoin their remote habitat in the hills, adjacent to the water with plenty of natural food sources. The first two coyotes shot out of their transport kennels leaving four behind to pop their heads up and cautiously explore their new space. Soon, all were out of sight and covered by dusk.

These six, along with one other who did not survive his severe hind leg injuries, were rescued as pups six after their den was plowed over. When the mother did not come back to retrieve her homeless young, the pups were considered orphaned and were taken to Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Contra Costa County where they received round-the-clock care from staff and home care volunteers. Micke Grove Zoo and Turtle Bay Exploration Park assisted in the early care of the pups until they were transferred to WCSV.

We began rehabilitating the group of coyotes in April at four-and-a-half weeks. They immediately began a natural diet of fruit, vegetables and meat in a small den-like enclosure until they grew in size, got a little bit older and began exploring their space. Eventually, they were upgraded to a vast outdoor enclosure at WCSV that mimics a coyote’s habitat with trees, tall grass and plenty of distance from human beings. There, they learned to hunt, forage for food and become fully self-sufficient.

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