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Hawk Shot with Nail Gun Flies Free

Photo by CJ Baldwin

Photo by CJ Baldwin

Photo by CJ Baldwin

On October 22, 2011, after a long week of attempts, WildRescue successfully and safely captured a Red-tailed Hawk at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco that had been shot in the head with a nail gun.

The juvenile hawk was immediately transported to the Wildlife Center where hospital staff discovered the nail had dislodged during transport.  Entry and exit wounds were clearly visible, but lacking infection.  Perhaps most remarkable was where the injury happened.  The nail entered her head just behind the nasal cavity and did not cause any major damage.  Any further forward or backward and this Red-tailed Hawk would have had quite a different outcome.

WCSV hospital staff worked to ensure no infection would set in and set her up in a low-stimuli indoor enclosure to monitor her progress.  She was bright, alert and very responsive, and was eating on her own from day one of rehabilitation.

This strong Red-tailed Hawk was healthy and ready to be released after only 5 days in her outdoor enclosure.  By this point, her story had become national and international news, so her successful release on November 2, 2011, back to Golden Gate Park sent cheers all over the globe!

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