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Northern Flicker Grounded with Shoulder Injury

Photo by Chad Alves

Photo by Ruth McDunn

Photo by Ruth McDunn

On October 8, 2015 a beautiful Northern Flicker was found on the ground, unable to fly just outside of a San Jose resident’s house. An exam at the Center showed that it was roused, dehydrated and unresponsive.

Once the flicker was stable enough for an x-ray, it was confirmed that it had a broken shoulder. Additional testing showed that it had it also internal parasites. Staff gave the bird courses of medication, stabilized its wing and monitored it closely as it healed. After a few weeks of treatment the flicker was moved to an outdoor enclosure where it was able to exercise and eat in a natural setting.

In late November it was determined the flicker was healthy enough for release. As it spread it wings wide to take off you could see the vibrant orange feathers in full view as it flew toward the sun. Another successful rehabilitation for WCSV!

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