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Patients in Care

These are patients that are currently in care at the Center, receiving comprehensive veterinary treatment. With the thousands of animals that we take in each year, we can only feature just a few here. If you are interested in checking up on an animal that you have brought into the Center, give us a call with your record number: (408) 929 -9453. For real-time updates on the Center and its patients, check us out on social media with the links to the left of this page.

Traci Tsukida

Gray Foxes | 15-2057/8/9

Three 11-week-old native Gray Foxes are the first to break in the Center’s brand new predatory mammal run. No time for an unveiling — construction on the specialized enclosures was completed just in time for the triplets’ arrival at the Center on Friday, May 22 after they were orphaned in Santa Cruz. The Lockheed Martin employee who rescued the three suspected they were left to fend for themselves when Mom was hit by a car in the area. The two females and a male were received more locally by Santa Cruz rehab facility, Native Animal Rescue (NAR) where they were vaccinated and cared for until they were transferred to the Center for the duration of their rehabilitation. Initial examination by WCSV staff finds the foxes in good health, alert and at a good weight. Check back to follow their progress.

Traci Tsukida

American Kestrel | 15-1971

The American Kestrel is the smallest North American falcon and they are even smaller as juveniles like this one. This male falcon was brought into the Center on May 18 after it had fallen from the nest a little too early and was unable to be reunited with Mom. It is pre-fledgling aged and still growing in feathers that are necessary for flight. It is currently receiving fluids, a natural diet and round-the-clock care with one of our Raptor Team members.

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