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Costs of Caring for Wildlife

WCSV cares for over 5000 animals each year. Listed below are some of our common patients and the estimated costs of basic care and feeding. Costs can vary depending on the nature of the injury, illness or length of stay. Please consider sponsoring one or more animals!


Newborn / Juvenile:$105 / week

It costs $2,520 to feed a kitten from newborn to release (an average of 8 months). Very young kittens are fed a special bobcat formula. Bobcats eat a strictly carnivorous diet.


Newborn/Juvenile: $80/week

Very young pups are offered special coyote formula. Coyotes are offered an omnivorous diet, which includes a variety of small animals, berries, fruits and vegetables.

Predatory Birds (Raptors)

Fledgling or Adult: $50/week

Cost of caring for an injured adult bird of prey can be quite expensive – from $250 to upwards of $2,000 or more dependent upon length of stay. Rehabilitation can last 4-6 weeks, though some birds can stay as long as one year (such as in electrocution cases). Raptors eat a carnivorous diet – a barn owl can consume up to 10 mice per day!


$35 / week

$280 will feed an opossum from joey to release, an average of 8 weeks. Neonatal joeys consume opossum formula. Food costs include an omnivorous diet.


$40 / week

Raccoons can be slow to develop. A typical stay might be up to 12 weeks.

$480 feeds a raccoon from newborn to adulthood. Costs include raccoon milk for neonates and an omnivorous.


$75 / week

The cost to feed a fox from intake to release is $1,800 and takes an average of 6 months. Neonates are offered fox formula and an omnivorous diet is fed when weaned.


$5 / week

$360 will feed 12 waterbirds from hatchling to release (a typical brood). Ducks are fed a specially formulated diet and offered greens to forage.


Nestlings and Fledglings: $10 / week

Songbirds are in our care for an average of 5 weeks. The cost is approximately $35 to feed a songbird from hatchling to release. Costs include fruits, vegetables, seed (for some), insects and worms.


$20 / week

$240 feeds a juvenile squirrel from intake to release, approximately 12 weeks of care. Costs include squirrel formula for neonates and fruits, vegetables and nuts.


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