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Golden Eagle with Injured Wing

Photo by Traci Tsukida

Photo by Traci Tsukida

Photo by Traci Tsukida

On Monday, July 25, the Wildlife Center received a Golden Eagle with a broken wing.

The eagle was brought in by WildRescue from Gilroy, where it had been found by an elderly gentleman beneath a mass of high voltage power lines. This kind citizen kept the bird alive for a week by tossing it food, even after several other organizations had told him to let nature take its course. You can read more about the amazing rescue here.

The staff at the Wildlife Center did an initial exam, giving the bird oxygen and checking for fractures. The left wing was wrapped and he was given antibiotics and pain medication. Our animal care staff believed that the eagle’s wing was broken, and had further radiographs taken. Dr. Olsen, an internationally recognized veterinary surgeon, has agreed to attempt repair the wing at The Medical Center for Birds in Oakley, CA.

This beautiful bird is a fighter, and in order to pay for the surgery, which alone will cost $1500-$2000 (this does not include additional xrays or exams), we need your help! Please donate to the Wildlife Center so we can help this amazing bird of prey, and share the story with your friends and family. We would like to do everything we possibly can for him.

The surgery is scheduled for Monday morning, August 1. We will be posting more updates as the Golden Eagle’s recovery progresses.

August 1, 2011

The Golden Eagle went in for surgery at 9:00 this morning. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the bone that was set to be pinned was actually floating, which made repair impossible. After consulting many experts, it was determined that the bird would not be able to fly and would be in constant pain.

We’re sorry to report that the outcome for the eagle was not what we had all hoped for, but a future filled with constant pain just wasn’t an option. We’re extremely grateful for everyone’s thoughts and good wishes, to the ten experts from Virginia to Minnesota and here in California who were consulted, and most especially to Dr. Olsen at the Medical Center for Birds in Oakley for going above the call.

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