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What do I do with squirrels in the attic or roof?
Squirrels prefer natural habitat for nest building. However, on occasion they will utilize man-made structures to raise their young. To eliminate this possibility, close off any entrances to the foundation of your house or attic. However, do not do this if there might be babies inside, as they will be trapped. Cut tree limbs that provide access to your roof. Install a spark arrester on your chimney or cap it with heavy wire mesh. Again, be sure there are no babies in the chimney.

What can I do to discourage squirrels from my yard?
Axle grease or sheet metal can be used on or around tree trunks to prevent climbing. Sprinkling perfumed soap chips or cayenne pepper will prevent them from digging. You can also purchase a plastic hawk or owl from a hardware store to scare them away. Place the look-alike in a tree and make sure to move it about once a week, or the squirrels will catch on.

I found a baby squirrel.

  • The baby is not injured:
    Do not handle or feed. Leave on the ground where you found it for 2-4 hours. Mothers often return to young that have fallen from the nest, to carry to the same, or an alternate nest. Please call WCSV at (408)929-9453 if you have specific questions.
  • The baby is injured:
    Do not feed and avoid over-handling. Gently put the injured squirrel into a small box with ventilation holes and close the lid. Bring to WCSV during operating hours

I found an injured squirrel.
USE CAUTION. Wear thick leather gloves and place a box with ventilation holes on top of the squirrel. Get help from another person if possible.

  • Option 1: Use the box top to gently scoop the injured squirrel into the box, and quickly secure the box with the lid.
  • Option 2: Gently shimmy a piece of cardboard underneath the box and underneath the injured squirrel until the piece of cardboard is completely under the box. Secure this in place before lifting up the box. If need be (and with a firm hold on both the box and piece of cardboard), slowly and gently rotate the box until the piece of cardboard becomes the top. Secure in place.
  • Bring the injured squirrel to WCSV during operating hours.
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