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Ten Things You Can Do to Help Wildlife

  1. Trim your trees and shrubs in the fall rather than during the spring when it’s baby season. It’s better for the vegetation and you won’t disturb nests.
  2. Create wildlife habitat in your yard by leaving part of it wild and natural. Wildlife friendly gardening may not fit our traditional ideas of maintaining a manicured yard but it provides homes for different species of wildlife.
  3. Use natural, organic lawn and garden products (without pesticides) that will not harm wildlife and plant native species that will attract wildlife.
  4. Supply wildlife with clean, fresh water daily, especially during hot weather. All species will appreciate the drink and birds will bathe themselves happily.
  5. Keep your pets away from wildlife and their homes and nests, especially during the baby season. Keep your dogs on leashes when walking in areas with wildlife and keep your cats indoors or put bells or bibs around their necks if they do go outdoors.
  6. Hang birdhouses, bat houses and feeders in your yard. You will be rewarded by the wildlife activity they attract.
  7. Clean up litter (plastic soda pack rings, glass, fishhooks, etc.) that might harm wildlife wherever you see it. Report illegal garbage dumps and pollution.
  8. Support open space initiatives that will preserve wildlife habitat. The more development encroaches on the natural environment, the more important open space becomes.
  9. Learn how to tell if a wild bird or mammal is really in distress and needs help, or if it will be okay if left alone. Many birds and mammals, especially babies, are “over-rescued” by caring people who think they’re helping but are removing healthy wildlife from their homes.
  10. Remember that wildlife are wild animals (not pets) that are a critical part of our world. Wildlife need to stay wild in their natural environments.
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